EATUC Comprehensive Assessment Report – COVID-19



As the global Corona pandemic continues to rage the world, cases of infected people continue to rise in the region, with a significant number of deaths also being registered in some EAC Partner States. As of 24th November 2020, 96,703 confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in EAC, Uganda with 16,257 active cases and 150 death; 70,804 confirmed cases in Kenya, with 46,244 recoveries and 1,287 death; 5,491 confirmed cases in Rwanda, with 5,004 recoveries and 45 death; Burundi 630 cases reported, with 549 recoveries and 1 death; South Sudan 3,012 confirmed cases, 1,290 recoveries and 59 death; and the United Republic of Tanzania last reported its Corona cases in May, with 509 confirmed cases, 183 recoveries and 21 death. The EAC Partner States continues to have hundreds of people under observation and more contacts being traced in affected regions.

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