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East Africa Community states have been urged to abolish the issuance of work permits to workers in the member states as it contravenes the 2010 Common Market protocol signed in Arusha.

Speaking at a Nairobi hotel yesterday during a workshop on free movement of labour across EAC partner states for employers, workers and Government, COTU executive board member Wafula wa Musamia called on the five East African countries to allow the movement of their citizens through borders without hindrance.

The protocol which came into force on July 01, 2010 stipulates free movement of persons, labour, services, capital and goods across the EAC.

WaMusamia called on the member states to review permit issuance which was hindering the growth of the region.

"The issue of permit issuance had been pegged on the point that it generates revenue but in actual sense if people are allowed to move and work across borders the Capitals involved can generate more revenue than the one raked by permits issuance,"said WaMusamia.

Executive Director of Federation of Kenya Employers Jackline Mugo supported WaMusamia and called for harmonisation of the process of movement of people among the East African states.

Mugo said that there is no country which can grow without free flow of labour from outside her borders.

However, she called for the abolishment of permits for EAC citizens and at the same time called on expatriates brought in from other countries to provide expertise in EAC states to make sure that they impart the skills they have to the locals so that the locals can continue with their work as usual.

Source: The Star

Date: 8th May 2015


On 23rd March 2015 the EATUC/EAEO delegates attended the 5th Meeting- 3rd Session- 3rd Assembly of East African Legislative Assembly which continues in National Assembly of Burundi in Bujumbura .The EATUC/EAEO delegates led by EAEO chairperson, Madam Rosemary Ssenabulya from Uganda who was accompanied by Secretary General of the Conderation des Sysndicats du Burundi (COSYBU) Brother Gahungu Tharcise representing the EATUC as a member of EATUC Summit,Mr.  Ndabahagamye Louis from Burundi's National Employers Organisation and two technical persons from EATUC and EAEO (Bro. Opio Deoglas - EAEO and Bro. Stephano Mwaiko - EATUC)

The EATUC/EAEO delegates arrived at the National Assembly of Burundi at 8:45hrs local time and welcomed by Brother Bobi Odiko the Senior Public Relation Officer of EALA who provided the very good support to the EATUC/EAEO delegates. Around 10:00 hrs local time the EATUC/EAEO delegates were invited to the Speaker’s Chamber and welcomed by the EALA Speaker Hon. Daniel Kidega who was accompanied by Hon. Peter Mathuki - MP of EALA and member of legal, rules and privileges Committee and Hon. Dr Martin Nduwimana- MP of EALA and member of Regional Affairs and Conflict Resolution Committee. The meeting between EATUC/EAEO delegates and the EALA Speaker kicked off by self-introduction followed by the presentation of the EAEO/EATUC Petition by EAEO Chairperson Madam Rosemary Ssenabulya.

During his speech Hon. Speaker Daniel Kidega congratulated the EATUC/EAEO for their efforts and very unique collaboration between Employers and Workers in the EAC .Hon. Speaker said, the petition is in line with one of the agenda of the 5th meeting -3rd session- 3rd assembly of the East African Community Elimination of Non-Tariff Barriers Bill of 2015. He added that the petition is a catalyst to speed up the implementation of the Common Market Protocol, people of EAC must feel the tangible benefits of the integration. The Hon. Speaker admitted receipt of Proposed Draft of EATUC/EAEO Memorandum of Understanding and promised to come up with the way forward from EALA. Hon. Speaker concluded his speech by assuring the EATUC/EAEO delegates that, the Assembly will give a due attention to the petition. The speaker has forwarded the EATUC/EAEO petition to the committee of Communications, Trade and Investment for further action.

During his speech Hon Mathuki lauded the employers and the workers union for enhancing tripartite (workers, employers and ministries of labour) as social partners in line with the International Labour Organisation convention no 144. He said this is the best way of reducing the disputes in the workplace. Hon Mathuki concluded his speech by urged the EATUC/EAEO to utilize this platform and insisted the harmonization of Labour Laws/Employment Policies, and the portability of Social security within the EAC.

After presenting the Petition to the Hon Speaker, EATUC/EAEO delegates were invited to participate in the Plenary Session at the National Assembly of Burundi. During the Plenary Session Hon. Speaker announced in the Assembly about receiving the petition from EATU/EAEO, he welcomed the EATUC/EAEO delegates to the Assembly by expose them to the Assembly. The morning Plenary Session was discussing about the Report of the Committee on Accounts on Audited Accounts for Financial Year ending 30th June 2013 where by EATUC/EAEO delegates were able to learn how EALA constitutes its activities.


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