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The meeting of the Multi Sectoral experts on the Harmonization of the Entry/Work/Residence Permits Fees, Forms and Procedures within the EAC Common Market Protocol Framework took place from 8th -10th June 2015 at Hilton Hotel in Nairobi Kenya. The Meeting brought  together experts  drawn  from Immigration,  labour,  Investment  Authorities,  Workers, Employers  organisations and EATUC/EAEO as observers   to  address  issues  of  work/residence  Permit Harmonisation as directed by the Council

The Purpose of the meeting was to

     i.            discuss  the  prevailing  Partner  States  Entry/work/residence  fees, forms  and   procedures  for  workers  and  those  establishing themselves as self-employed workers;

 ii.            review the  forms  and  procedures  of  each  Partner  State  in view of recommending harmonization;

 iii.           review the EAC Harmonised Classification of Entry/work /Residence Permits and Procedures; and

 iv.            discuss  and  recommend  the  way  forward  on  the implementation and operationalization of  regulation 6(9)  on free movement of workers and 6(5) on the right of residence

The meeting kicked-off by the Partner States presentations on the classification, fees and procedures of issuance of Entry/Work/Residence Permits .During the Meeting the EATUC and EAEO  delegates were given task to review the applications forms for Entry/Work/Residence Permits for all EAC Partner States and to come up with one proposed harmonized application form for Entry/Work/ Residence Permits within the EAC

Representatives from Immigration, labour, Investment Authorities, were responsible for reviewing the Classes, Fees and procedures for Entry/Work/Residence Permits within the EAC

The last day of the meeting all participants of the Multi Sectoral Meeting of Experts involved in drafting the report of the meeting which will be presented to  another upcoming Multi Sectoral Meeting for validation before presented the council of ministers responsible for labour and immigration 


On 19th May 2015 the EATUC/EAEO delegates present the Draft Bill on Social Security Portability 2015 to the members of East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) through the Committee of the General Purpose at the East African Community Headquarters in Arusha Tanzania .The EATUC/EAEO delegates led by EATUC Executive Secretary Sis. Caroline Khamati Mugala who was accompanied by representative from East African Employers Organization (EAEO) Bro Opio Douglas,Sis. Margreret Osure  from the East and Central Africa Social Security Association (ECASSA), five members of  EATUC Committee of Experts, EATUC staff and the Director of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa from Solidarity Center Bro. Hanad . The EALA Committee of General Purpose was led by Chairperson Dr. Odette Nyiramilimo who was accompanied with six members of the committee of General Purposes

The MP-EALA and Chairperson of the Committee of General Purpose Hon. Dr. Odette Nyiramilimo congratulated EATUC for its effort and taking the step further in advocating very important issue of the Social Security Portability within the region, Hon. Dr. Odette Nyiramilimo said that the Committee of Purpose support the efforts made by EATUC and will work together with the EATUC to make sure that the Draft SSP Bill is presented to EALA for further procedures



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